About ChessieInfo

ChessieInfo was founded in 2008 as a means of sharing information about Chesapeake Bay Retriever health and genetics. While the focus remains on issues relevant to gundog breeds, retrievers especially, and Chessies specifically, many of the articles are useful to breeders of all dog breeds. The more we learn about canine genetics, the more we learn that dog breeders – no matter what breed they fancy – have far more in common than not.

The central focus of the site is the database, where nearly 50,000 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are now listed, along with any known titles, health, or DNA status updates. Almost all include a 5-generation interactive pedigree, and many can trace back to the earliest known recorded pedigrees in the breed.

As I continue to hone my custom-coding skills, more interactive features (like this blog) will be added to the site and linked togather, so that hopefully, instead of simply viewing static pedigrees (interesting, but not very useful), users will be able to follow links off each pedigree to review articles and notes on what each title, health clearance, etc. means in the broader scheme of things.

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