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Abby's Diamond in the Ruff MH**
(M) 02 Jun 2009, SR574929/02, Light Deadgrass
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Hips = CB-9951G32M-VPI
Elbows = CB-EL1950M32-VPI
DM = CB-DM1092/20M-NOPI
5GenCOI = 5.86%
10GenCOI = 14.72%

Fireweed's Boogie Woogie Rumble JH**
25 Aug 2004
SR212488/01 Dark Brown, Hips=CB-8539G24M-PI, Elbows=CB-EL1077M24-PI, DM=CB-DM226/52M-PI, 5GenCOI=7.37%, 10GenCOI=13.83%
****Ch Happyfeet's Governor CDX, MH**
20 Aug 1985
SE626426 Dark Brown, Hips=CB-2369G24M, Eyes=CB-888/94-106*, 5GenCOI=3.13%, 10GenCOI=8.00%
****FC Fireweed's Aleutian Widgeon ***c
20 Dec 1975 SB906876 Brown, Hips=CB-578G26M, Eyes=CB-229/85-113*, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=3.63%
****Ch Snap's Crackle CDX, WDQ***
09 Mar 1977 SC292227 Brown, Hips=CB-718G24F, Eyes=CB-415/83-71, 5GenCOI=1.27%, 10GenCOI=5.70%
****Ch Genny's Aim-Me Quick SH WD***
22 Aug 1999
SN694462/01 Brown, Hips=CB-6813G24F-PI, Elbows=CB-EL464F24-PI, Eyes=CB-3919/04-54*, BOD=Distichiasis, PRA=Clear By Parentage, CHIC=48259, 5GenCOI=2.15%, 10GenCOI=9.27%
****DC/AFC Bertram's Blazing Firewater MH, QFTR***c
21 Apr 1996 SN344088/06, ERN99000971(CKC) Dark Brown, Hips=CB-5593E24M-T, Eyes=CB-3437/02-80*, PRA=PRCD:A1, 5GenCOI=3.52%, 10GenCOI=9.18%
AFC Clipper's Genuine Mink ***
22 Jan 1993 SN059340/01 Brown, Hips=CB-4368E24F, Elbows=CB-EL74F24, Eyes=CB-2773/98-71*, PRA=PRCD:A1, 5GenCOI=10.94%, 10GenCOI=15.16%
Caroway's Sexy Sadie JH
05 Oct 2002
SN927905/03 Brown, Hips=CB-8409G41F-PI, Elbows=CB-EL1016F41-PI, PRA=Clear By Parentage, 5GenCOI=4.88%, 10GenCOI=14.30%
****DC/AFC Distagon MH***
06 May 1998
SN550458/02 Deadgrass, Hips=CB-6394G25M, Eyes=CB-3980/04-70*, PRA=PRCD:A, EIC=Carrier, 5GenCOI=9.57%, 10GenCOI=14.33%, Photo=Distagon.JPG
****DC/AFC Gambler's Dilwyn-Stacked Deck MH, WDQ***
09 Oct 1992 SN026577/02 Brown, Hips=CB-4320E25M, Eyes=CB-2327N/03-134*, PRA=PRCD:A, DM=Carrier-R, EIC=Clear-R, 5GenCOI=12.50%, 10GenCOI=17.52%
JJ's Riverside Shelby
11 Jul 1993 SN092326/13 Sedge, Hips=CB-5114G42F-T, Eyes=CB-3019/01-92*, 5GenCOI=6.05%, 10GenCOI=11.01%
Ch Caroway's Don't Sass Me MH**
22 Jan 2000
SN727485/03 Brown, Hips=CB-6905G24F-PI, Elbows=CB-EL490F24-PI, Eyes=CB-4155/03-46*, PRA=PRCD:A1, EIC=Clear, CHIC=48276, 5GenCOI=0.39%, 10GenCOI=8.68%
****DC/AFC Westwind's Rudy of Nordais WDQ***c
05 Jan 1993 SN079173/01, BA056852(CKC) Brown, Hips=CB-4408G27M-T, Elbows=CB-EL77M24-T, Eyes=CB-2117/00-90*, PRA=PRCD:A1, CHIC=48100, 5GenCOI=3.91%, 10GenCOI=8.83%
**** Blackburn's Deep Water Kipper MH, WDQ***
13 Apr 1996 SN344968/10 Brown, Hips=CB-5896F33F, 5GenCOI=4.39%, 10GenCOI=9.72%
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