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Cheslabben Kaffe Latte
(F) 22 May 2007, SR642847/01, 11692/2007, Light Brown
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Hips = CB-9306G25F-PI
Elbows = CB-EL1516F25-PI
5GenCOI = 0.00%
10GenCOI = 4.60%

EECh/FiUCh/IntUCh/NordV-01 Batzi's Mount Halifax WD
21 Apr 2000
FKK, 5GenCOI=14.06%, 10GenCOI=16.67%
FiUCh/SeUCh Double Coat's Rocky Mountain
01 Jul 1997
41253/97(SKK) Brown, 5GenCOI=3.91%, 10GenCOI=7.56%
Kvilimare the Last Boy Scout
09 Apr 1995 11819/95 Brown, 5GenCOI=3.13%, 10GenCOI=6.07%
Double Coat's Graceland
16 Oct 1991 62666/91 Sedge, Hips=FCI:0-0, Eyes=FCI:Clear, 5GenCOI=0.78%, 10GenCOI=5.64%
EECh/FiUCh/IntUCh Double Coat's Exorcett WDX
26 Apr 1998
26449/98(SKK) Deadgrass, PRA=PRCD:A, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=3.56%
SUCh/DCh/IntUCh Redlion Doublecoat's Crapgame WDQ
18 Oct 1996 31085/97 Brown, Hips=FCI:0-0, Eyes=FCI:Clear, EIC=Clear, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=1.77%
Double Coat's Graceland
16 Oct 1991 62666/91 Sedge, Hips=FCI:0-0, Eyes=FCI:Clear, 5GenCOI=0.78%, 10GenCOI=5.64%
Longmeadow's Danish Sandstorm
07 Apr 2004
22138/2004 Light Brown, PRA=Clear By Parentage, 5GenCOI=2.93%, 10GenCOI=7.11%
Ch Towerview R Big Loan Ranger
23 Jul 2002
SN922385/01 Dark Deadgrass, Hips=CB-7901G26M-PI, Elbows=CB-EL800M26-PI, Eyes=CB-4830/07-55*, PRA=PRCD:A1, DM=CB-DM437/49M-PI, Cardiac=CB-CA52/54M/C-PI, CHIC=48368, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=3.35%
****DC/AFC Westwind's Rudy of Nordais WDQ***c
05 Jan 1993 SN079173/01, BA056852(CKC) Brown, Hips=CB-4408G27M-T, Elbows=CB-EL77M24-T, Eyes=CB-2117/00-90*, PRA=PRCD:A1, CHIC=48100, 5GenCOI=3.91%, 10GenCOI=8.83%
Towerview Little Bit of Jazz
08 Jul 1998 SN569001/01 Light Brown, Hips=CB-6538G30F-PI, Eyes=CB-4213/03-62*, PRA=PRCD:A1, 5GenCOI=5.27%, 10GenCOI=9.92%
Pond Hollow Nigeria
08 Apr 2002
SN909082/01 Light Brown, Hips=CB-7736G24F-PI, Eyes=CB-4691/06-46*, BOD=Distichiasis, PRA=PRCD:A1, 5GenCOI=5.47%, 10GenCOI=9.39%
Ch** Pond Hollow Bering Sea
23 Feb 1999 SN625759/07(AKC), AE0900971(KCSB) Brown, Hips=CB-6659G24M-PI, Elbows=CB-EL742M61-PI, Eyes=CB-3907/09-121*, PRA=PRCD:A, EIC=CB-EIC27/105M-PI, Cardiac=CB-CA71/120M/C-PI, CHIC=48240, 5GenCOI=5.08%, 10GenCOI=8.87%
Ch Pond Hollow Antietam CDX, JH
20 May 1996 SN354129/01 Brown, Hips=CB-5607G24F-T, Eyes=CB-3340/03-83*, PRA=PRCD:B1, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=2.98%
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