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Chestnut Hills Mesquite
(F) 29 Dec 1995, SN215806/01, Brown
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Hips = CB-5099G24F-T
Eyes = CB-2587/02-93*
5GenCOI = 0.00%
10GenCOI = 4.05%

****AFC/Ch Caroway's Wild Goose Chase ***
12 Jun 1990
SF917429 Dark Brown, Hips=CB-3679G27M, Eyes=CB-1730/94-54*, PRA=PRCD:A1, 5GenCOI=3.52%, 10GenCOI=7.97%
****Ch Happyfeet's Governor CDX, MH**
20 Aug 1985
SE626426 Dark Brown, Hips=CB-2369G24M, Eyes=CB-888/94-106*, 5GenCOI=3.13%, 10GenCOI=8.00%
****FC Fireweed's Aleutian Widgeon ***c
20 Dec 1975 SB906876 Brown, Hips=CB-578G26M, Eyes=CB-229/85-113*, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=3.63%
****Ch Snap's Crackle CDX, WDQ***
09 Mar 1977 SC292227 Brown, Hips=CB-718G24F, Eyes=CB-415/83-71, 5GenCOI=1.27%, 10GenCOI=5.70%
Ch Caroway's Webley Roth JH, WD
07 Apr 1987
SF347892 Dark Brown, Hips=CB-2735E24F, Eyes=CB-1201/93-69*, 5GenCOI=3.13%, 10GenCOI=7.83%
Ch/Can Ch Parklake's Bay Bandito WD
19 Jun 1983 SD892788 Brown, Hips=CB-2185G43M, Eyes=CB-822/92-113*, 5GenCOI=0.78%, 10GenCOI=4.64%
Ch Caroway's Cricket
20 Sep 1982 SD619902 Brown, Hips=CB-1662E24F, Eyes=CB-522/85-39*, 5GenCOI=1.17%, 10GenCOI=5.14%
Ch Chestnut Hills Lacey CD
07 Feb 1989
SF558477 Brown, Hips=CB-3305E27F, Eyes=CB-1388/97-96*, 5GenCOI=7.81%, 10GenCOI=11.75%
1985/90/91N-BISS AmCh*/NBISS Can.Ch* Chestnut Hills Stone E's Tug
17 Oct 1983
SD902035 Brown, Hips=CB-1915G24M, Eyes=CB-688/95-142*, 5GenCOI=1.95%, 10GenCOI=5.16%
****CFC/CAFC/Ch Ironwoods Stone E Cubs WDX***c
31 Dec 1978 SC618168 Brown, Hips=CB-968G26M, Eyes=CB-304/87-102*, 5GenCOI=3.13%, 10GenCOI=6.75%, Photo=Ironwoods Stone E Cubs.jpg
Ch* Chestnuthills Pandora CDX
18 Aug 1979 SC760204 Brown, Hips=CB-1188G34F, Eyes=CB-277/86-84*, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=4.09%
Ch Chestnut Hills Nettie TD
25 Oct 1985
SE514463 Sedge, Hips=CB-2416E24F, Eyes=CB-1022/92-82*, 5GenCOI=9.38%, 10GenCOI=12.35%
****Ch Chestnut Hills Arnac Drake WD, e**
03 Jun 1981 SD180836(AKC) G0095116G05(KCSB), B-00006(DRC) Brown, Hips=CB-1811G47M & BVA:2/1, Eyes=CB-687/85-50, 5GenCOI=12.50%, 10GenCOI=16.66%
Ch Sunset's Tiger's Little Tara CD, TD
16 Nov 1981 SD382533 Brown, Hips=CB-1459F24F, Eyes=CB-422/92-129*, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=4.09%
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