Pedigree of:

1985/90/91N-BISS AmCh*/NBISS Can.Ch* Chestnut Hills Stone E's Tug
(M) 17 Oct 1983, SD902035, Brown
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Hips = CB-1915G24M
Eyes = CB-688/95-142*
5GenCOI = 1.95%
10GenCOI = 5.16%

****CFC/CAFC/Ch Ironwoods Stone E Cubs WDX***c
31 Dec 1978
SC618168 Brown, Hips=CB-968G26M, Eyes=CB-304/87-102*, 5GenCOI=3.13%, 10GenCOI=6.75%, Photo=Ironwoods Stone E Cubs.jpg
Jasper T Cub's WD***
01 Jun 1971
SA976178 Brown, 5GenCOI=3.52%, 10GenCOI=7.79%
Hector (1962)
30 May 1962 SA194535 Brown, Hips=CB-48/96, 5GenCOI=6.26%, 10GenCOI=9.47%
Cub's Sierra Echo
09 Dec 1967 SA557741 Brown, 5GenCOI=3.91%, 10GenCOI=7.04%
Daisy's Sweet Molly
21 Aug 1976
SC095557 Light Deadgrass, 5GenCOI=13.28%, 10GenCOI=17.95%
Larry's Gabriel King
04 Oct 1973 SB431681 Dark Deadgrass, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=1.52%
Larry's Jira
08 Aug 1972 SB332041 Dark Deadgrass, Hips=CB-240/12, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=5.21%
Ch* Chestnuthills Pandora CDX
18 Aug 1979
SC760204 Brown, Hips=CB-1188G34F, Eyes=CB-277/86-84*, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=4.09%
Ch Chestnut Hill's Pontiac
01 Oct 1972
SB329634 Brown, Eyes=CB-240/79-79, 5GenCOI=1.17%, 10GenCOI=4.02%
Ch Tuffy Anderson CD, WD
14 Dec 1968 SA660029 Brown, Eyes=CB-235/79-125, 5GenCOI=2.34%, 10GenCOI=6.63%
Ch Cub's Lady Belle CD, TD
15 Jun 1970 SA825236 Brown, Hips=CB-383G58F, 5GenCOI=5.32%, 10GenCOI=9.52%
Rosey Cocoa Bear of Roedown
09 Apr 1978
SC656670 Dark Brown, 5GenCOI=2.44%, 10GenCOI=5.04%
Burning Tree Marc of Roedown
21 Nov 1973 SB432789 Brown, 5GenCOI=7.81%, 10GenCOI=10.38%
Essex Native Lady of Roedown
12 Nov 1973 SB434994 Brown, 5GenCOI=3.13%, 10GenCOI=5.93%
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