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Ch Irish's Mystical Merlin
(M) 07 Sep 1991, SM911116/29, Brown
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Hips = CB-4113G30M-T
Eyes = CB-1872/00-105*
5GenCOI = 0.00%
10GenCOI = 2.54%

Ch* Chesabar's Magnum Bear Cub CD, MH, WDQ**
10 Oct 1988
SF387261 Brown, Hips=CB-3468G37M, Eyes=CB-1731/93-51*, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=1.48%
Ch Stone E Bear's Cogley Cub CDX, JH, WDX
06 Apr 1983
SD754790 Dark Brown, Hips=CB-1808F24M-T, Eyes=CB-770/86-35, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=4.85%
****CFC/CAFC/Ch Ironwoods Stone E Cubs WDX***c
31 Dec 1978 SC618168 Brown, Hips=CB-968G26M, Eyes=CB-304/87-102*, 5GenCOI=3.13%, 10GenCOI=6.75%, Photo=Ironwoods Stone E Cubs.jpg
Cogley's Klamath Alta
07 Feb 1979 SC611737, Hips=CB-1008G25F, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=2.83%
Ch Chesabar's Small Craft Warning
23 Nov 1985
SE525273 Brown, Eyes=CB-936/93-88*, 5GenCOI=1.95%, 10GenCOI=4.66%
Ch* Ashby of Shorewaters Bussy CD, JH, WD
02 Jun 1983 SD806738 Brown, Hips=CB-1898F28M, Eyes=CB-794/93-117*, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=4.12%
Ch Aptobe Chelsea's Molly Brown
19 Nov 1982 SD683136 Dark Deadgrass, Hips=CB-1750F33F, Eyes=CB-539/84-17, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=1.67%
Ch Irish's Royal Empress
22 Jun 1988
SF506207 Brown, Hips=CB-3254G32F, Eyes=CB-1684/91-37, 5GenCOI=6.25%, 10GenCOI=9.39%
Ch Irish's Gallant Prince
17 May 1984
SE201892 Brown, Hips=CB-2172G32M, Eyes=CB-1014/91-86*, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=3.50%
King Leroy
22 May 1980 SD436884 Brown, 5GenCOI=0.78%, 10GenCOI=6.23%
Irish's Lady Grace
27 Jun 1979 SC807939 Brown, Hips=CB-1928G64F, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=2.92%
Ch Feighners Royal Lady Tarabel
01 Mar 1984
SE013775 Brown, Hips=CB-2512F49F, Eyes=CB-1281/89-63, 5GenCOI=0.39%, 10GenCOI=3.77%
Ch Irish's Royal Knight
27 Jun 1979 SC814237 Brown, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=2.92%
Our Chestnut Lady Polly
02 Mar 1982 SD654510 Brown, 5GenCOI=0.78%, 10GenCOI=4.66%
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