Information on Chesapeake Bay Retriever Genetics, Health, and Pedigrees

Welcome to the Data Page!

This page presents the cornerstone of this effort; the ChessieInfo database. You will also find links to data maintained by OFA, CERF, and the ACC.

What Is a Database?

Databases are nothing more than collections of information. It is not enough to merely collect information, however. What is more important is, what do we do with the information once we have collected it?

Over the years since the first canine health databases were started, there has been an evolution. From the first OFA database to today, many changes have emerged. But first, a few definitions:

Closed database: A closed database is one in which the information is either not available to anyone to view (except the data administrator), or else only selected data is available. The early OFA database fit this model with only information on dogs who were issued a hip number being released to the public. CERF's eye database still follows this model.

Semi-Open databases: these operate very much like closed databases, but certain information may be made public upon official notification by the dog's owner or breeder (depending on database). This is called "semi-open" because each non-certified piece of data must be released separately, after a legal agreement notice is signed. OFA currently operates as a semi-open database, as does ChessieInfo.

Open database: this type of database releases all information on all animals tested. Owners must know ahead of time that no matter what the result, their dog's information will be made public. Many health registries overseas operate as open databases.

What Databases Are Available?

ChessieInfo: A database of Chesapeake Bay Retriever pedigrees from current dogs back to the roots of the breed. The ChessieInfo database is updated weekly.

ACC: The American Chesapeake Club (ACC) maintains many databases. As ACC Historian-Statistician, I maintain several for the ACC. These include all known Group & BIS placements, all dogs with conformation points or BoB wins, all obedience trial results, agility, rally, Junior Showmanship, and hunt test results. ACC also keeps a database on AKC field trial accomplishments of Chessies. Thanks to the generosity of Mary Ellen Mazzola, Retriever Field Trial News and older ACC Bulletrins have been donated. All AKC & CKC Field Trial and AKC Hunt Test results from 1983 to present are in the process of being transferred to electronic format. In addition, ACC has a comprehensive titles database of all Chessies earning an AKC title from the breed's inception until now. A listing of all WD titleholders can be accessed on the ACC website, as can a listing of various health clearances. All of these databases are maintained separately from the ChessieInfo database, for ease of use by various committee chairmen. ACC is in the process of updating their website, and many of these databases will be making their way online soon. Announcements will be made here and on the ACC website as the upgrades unfold.

Canadian Data: Thanks to the generosity of Adrienne Bordo, 35 years' worth of Dogs In Canada have been donated. A duplicate database to the ACC ones listed above have been made, and all Chessie accomplishments in Canada are being captured in that database and will be reflected in ChessieInfo.

OFA: The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) maintains a number of databases on various conditions. The ones that Chessies currently participate in are those for hips, elbows, heart, thyroid, patellar luxation, shoulder OCD, PRA, EIC, and DM. All of these databases are semi-open. The OFA databases are updated several times a month.

CERF: Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) maintains listings of all dogs with eye clearances. This database is closed, although if an individual wished to release information on a non-passing CERF exam, they may do so through OFA. The CERF database is updated daily.

ChessieDB: A database of pedigrees, it is updatable by anyone who wishes to input data. ChessieDB contains many photos of Chessies as well as pedigree information.

Chesapeake RollCall: Originated in the mid-1990s by Tom MacClanahan, Chesapeake RollCall is the original online database of Chessie pedigrees.

WorldPedigrees Chessie Database: A site for users of BreedMate and PedPoint software. Many breed pedigree databases are located here. Mike Herwin of the UK (Finstock Irish Water Spaniels) has placed a database of pedigrees on this site. Contains many UK and other overseas dogs not easily found elsewhere. Check out also Mike's Irish Water Spaniel database, with pedigrees going back to the roots of the breed. Mike's databases have been instrumental in untangling the IWS crosses in the Chessie breed.