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ChessieInfo will no longer be accepting PayPal donations. Donations of materials such as old stud books, magazines, etc. will continue to be gratefully accepted. THANK YOU to those who donated monies, because of you, I am able to purchase a complete set of Canadian Kennel Club stud books from 1985 to present.


Group placement results for 2011 and 2012 (complete through May) have been added. Field Trial results for 2012 (through May) have been added. An updated CH/MH file is available. This file contains all the titles earned by each dog, as well as links to the new pedigree formats. Other title files are in the process of being updated to thiss newer format.



Additions to Website

All Stud Dog ads updated with current information. There are now 52 different stud dogs listed!

Links to the Chessie Info database and the Trial Pedigree search form are now permanently accessible via the left side panel. These links appear on every page, so you can easily open up these search pages fron any page on the site.

Printable PDF lists of AKC titles earned in 2011 are now available on the Data & Statistics tab. If you see any errors, please contact me at I will be adding to these lists as I work back through my files and finish the conversion of Chessie History to electronic format.

New Article

Dual Champions: Why Are They So Rare? An article by Judy Rasmussen on the reasons behind the loss of Dual Champions in the retriever breeds. Touches on diversity and choices breeders make when using selection in breeding programs. Has several references to Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dual Champions. Originally published in Golden Retriever News, Nov/Dec 2011 issue. Used with permission.


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