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Madtown's What's Up Doc Bugs, MH, WDQ


Hips:CB-7880E28M-PI (Excellent), Elbows:CB-EL1029M47-PI, Eyes:CB-5329/11-115*, PRA:Clear By Parentage, DM:CB-DM928/100M-PI (Clear), EIC:Clear, CHIC:48443, COI:2.09%

Southern MD's Dances With Wolves, MH, WD** [Hips:CB-6035E25M (Excellent), Eyes:CB-3720/02-63*, PRA:A (Clear), COI:2.38%]


Recklacy Abandonment, MH, WDQ [Hips:CB-5884E25F (Excellent), Eyes:CB-3958/00-43, PRA:A1 (Clear), COI:2.42%]

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Bitches should have hip x-ray and eye exam. A brucellosis test is required at start of heat cycle for live cover service. Elbow x-rays, DM, PRA & EIC tests are recommended. Live cover breedings and fresh chilled semen are available. Shipping is done via Portland International Airport (PDX).

Stud Fee: $900. All fees associated with collection and shipment of fresh chilled semen are the responsibility of the bitch owner

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