Information on Chesapeake Bay Retriever Genetics, Health, and Pedigrees

Chesapeake Bay Retriever ED/SF

A new skin disease has been identified in Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. It is known as Congenital Ectodermal Dysplasia with Skin Fragility. It appears to be identical to ED/SF which occurs in humans. Both CBRED/SF and the human disease ED/SF are rare disorders. This is good from an individual standpoint, as few people or dogs will be affected. However, this also means these are "orphan" diseases with little research dollars devoted to them.

Please read the description below, provided by Dr. Margret Casal, a researcher into canine skin disorders and canine genetics. If you have a litter that exhibits the symptoms listed in the article, please contact Dr. Casal, as any information on affected litters will ultimately help humans afflicted with this disease.

The disease is an autosomal recessive, and there is a DNA test for the presence of the gene. Even though this disorder is considered rare, please do consider testing your breeding stock, as any information will assist in characterizing this disorder, as well as determining the gene frequency within our breed.

Click to view Dr. Casal's article, and for information on how to obtain the DNA test for your dog.