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GBCh/IrCh/IntCh Penrose Nomad, WD i***

Hips:BVA-2/3, Eyes:Clear 8/2011, PRA:Clear by Parentage, DM:CB-DM408/84M-PI-CAR, COI:1.62%

Quail Run's All the Way to Penrose,WD [Hips:BVA-4/4, PRA:A (Clear), DM:CB-DM1341/152M-PI (Clear), COI:16.50%]


Pond Hollow Country Kate at Penrose, CD [Hips:CB-5468G26F-T, Eyes:CB-3371/00-52*, PRA:A (Clear), COI:1.64%]

Nomad has an Open Field Trial qualification in Ireland, one of only two Chesapeakes to have done so.

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Bitches should have hip x-ray, eye exam, DM test, & PRA test. Vaginal culture is also required. Frozen semen is available, upon approval of the bitch. We use Trade-Genetics, Ireland, as our semen bank.

Stud Fee: $1000.

Contact: Mr. and Mrs. D. & M. Murray     Phone: +353 469026982