Information on Chesapeake Bay Retriever Genetics, Health, and Pedigrees

Sources for the ChessieInfo Database

AKC Stud Books Volume 1 through current (various): Used as a reference to check spellings, pedigree information, and color.

Source: The American Kennel Club. Used with Permission. The American Kennel Club Stud Book Register may be used for noncommercial research or scholarship purposes only and may not be sold, published, or copied without the express written consent of The American Kennel Club.

CKC Stud Books Volume 1-29 (complete), 1930s to current (various): Canadian registrations all documented in Canadian Kennel Club stud books. Used to verify pedigree and breeder information on all Canadian-bred dogs. Donated by Adrienne Bordo.

Field Dog Stud Books Volume 1-85 (various): Published by American Field; was the primary registry for Chesapeake Bay Retrievers from the 1920s through the 1940s.

AKC Gazette Awards Volume 1 through current (various): All AKC titles, Group Placements and Best in Show awards, conformation points, High in Trial awards, obedience, rally, agility, and hunt test legs, and field trial accomplishments are verified using the AKC Awards publication. Publication of Awards is approximately 2 months after the event where an award or title was won. Issue January 2001-December 2002 donated by Dyane Baldwin.

CKC Dogs in Canada various years, August 1976 through December 2000: Used to verify all titles and pointss or scores earned in CKC events. Publication lags several months after a title or award was won. Donated by Adrienne Bordo.

Master List Chesapeake Bay Retrievers 1879-1984: Used to verify titles and field awards. Compiled by Eve A. Keeler.