Information on Chesapeake Bay Retriever Genetics, Health, and Pedigrees


Statistics are important, because they give us a way of seeing how we are doing over time. In mathematics, statistics are calculated from raw data. Stats like averages, ranges, bell curves, and so forth are common in mathematical statistics. These are also the "stats" referred to in sports like baseball and football: batting averages, rushing yards per game, and so forth.

However, in the dog world, statistics means something slightly different! How many dogs earn a particular title in a given year, who produced the most Champions, which breeder has consistently bred QAA dogs. These stats are important to dog owners and breeders for many reasons: they can help identify bloodlines and breeders who consistently produce well in one's chosen sport, they can help narrow down a list of potential stud dogs, and they can simply serve as bragging rights! They also help owners and breeders in a particular breed track how well we are doing compared to other years and other countries.

The statistics on this site are broken out into the main sports within the dog world. These are listed along the left side. On each sport's page is a list of links to printable PDF files. If there is a particular statistic you are interested in seeing, please contact me at and I will see what I can do to accomodate your request.

Please be aware that most of the documents listed are works in progress. They will be updated periodically as I review data sources, and move information from hard copy sources into digital format.