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Stud Dog Ads

Stud dog listings are offered as a service to the Chesapeake Bay Retriever community. ChessieInfo is a judgement-free zone, and anyone may list any dog at stud, regardless of titles or health checks. Stud dog owners are responsible for the content of their ads, and should review them periodically for completeness and accuracy. Prospective breeders using the services of one of these stud dogs should contact the stud owner well in advance of their bitch's season, and communicate with them regarding fees, bitch requirements, stud requirements, etc. ChessieInfo does not mediate disputes between parties.

Listings of dogs at stud will appear on this page, alphabetically. Each dog has his own page. Click on the name to view that dog's page and information. To place an ad, go to this page: Stud Dog Form Fill out the form, and the information you submit will be forwarded to the Chessie Info e-mail address. Your ad should appear within two weeks of submission.

Blackwater Runs Deep***

GCh* Bluemoon Indypendence Day, CD, RE, MH

Captain Thor of the Chesapeake, MH, WDQ

GCh**/U-Ch Chesabar's Anyone Anyone

Chisholm Trail's Backdraft Bay, JH**

HR Cold Creek's Crash, JH

Crossfire's Empire Builder, SH

HRCh/UH Crosspeake's Colonel Cooper

Delmarva's Native Son***

Ch Desert Winds Calif. Gold Nugget

GCh Desert Winds Eight Second Ride

Am/Can Ch Desert Winds Unintended Consequences, CD, JH, WD

****DC/AFC Distagon, MH***

****AFC Distagon's ATV of Nordais***

SeUCh Double Coat's Nicholas Nickleby

NBISS/GCh*/NoUCh/SeU(U)Ch/SeV-09/SeVCh Double Coat's Christmas Joy, CGC

****DC/AFC Gambler's Dilwyn-Stacked Deck, MH, WDQ***

HR Hope Springs Hush Hush, SH, WDQ

Ch HyFly'n CC Jolta Java, CD, RN

HRCh Longmeadow Krauts Dutch

Madtown's What's Up Doc Bugs, MH, WDQ

GCh* Monarchs Voo Doo Child

GCh* Mudcreek Red Moose, RN, ThD, CGC

CanCh Nordais Sako of Caroway, CanSH, WC

Multiple Int Ch Nordais SedgeGrass Rocket Sam

Ch/HRCh Nordom's Apache Rebel, MH, WDQ

GCh* Northwyns Whispering Reflection, JH

Ch Oak Hill Preflast!

GBCh/IrCh/IntCh Penrose Nomad, WD i***

Ch Pond Hollow Continental Divide

Ch Pond Hollow Cross N the Creek

SEU(U)CH SE VCH NORDV-11 Pond Hollow Doublecoat Icebreaker

Pond Hollow Encore

Pond Hollow Pike's Peak

GCh Pond Hollow Rocky Mtn Range Rider, SH

Pond Hollow Willard Brown

Ch Port Side's Great Xpectations, MH, WDQ

Ch Quail Ridge's Mesquite Mudslinger

IrShCh Riverrun Agus Avic

Riverrun Away in a Hack, WDQ

Ch Sand Bar's Three Wishes

HRCh Sand Spring Norm of Caroway, MH, WDQ

SedgeGrass Evening Twilight

Ch Shallcross Lake's Chaamp, RA, MH

Ch Silvercreek Murray Samuel, MH, CGC, WDQ***

Ch Silvercreek What I Like About You

HRCh Slammers Bullet from Nowhere, SH**

Ch* Spinnakers Kregers Okie Outlaw, CGC

Ch Voyageur's Once in a Bluemoon

Westwind Whispering Cove, MH***

Win's Northcreek Counterpunch, JH

Windsongs Cocoa Sensation