Information on Chesapeake Bay Retriever Genetics, Health, and Pedigrees


I am working to do updates to the website and the database. Thanks to all who have offered to help. My "day job" is very rewarding but keeps me busy! I hope to have more time to work on the website and get it all up-to-date over the winter.


Current Projects

I am working my way through a stack of old Retriever Field Trial News, gleaning all the field trial and hunt test results from long ago. In the end, I will pull together interactive lists of titled and "top ten" dogs, with links to their pages in the database.

I am also working on updating the database. Current projects include filling in all the new AKC titles to date, then the health clearances data. Updates to the database will be uploaded to the servers every Sunday evening, as formerly.


As has been announced, Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) is no longer certifying eye clearances in dogs. The data has been migrated from CERF's database to OFA's database. I will continue to maintain the CERF data in my database, both the old CERF numbering system, and the newer OFA one. The important thing is that dogs continue to have their eyes checked, so I will include both numbering systems in pedigrees.


About ChessieInfo

Welcome to ChessieInfo! This site has been created for the free sharing of information on pedigrees, health, and genetics of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and related breeds. As this is a free-share website, anyone may use the articles and information presented on this website, or link to it, for non-commercial purposes. Authors will be bylined on this website. Please be respectful and credit authors when quoting or copying the works represented on these pages. If an article from this website is reprinted in a hard-copy publication, I would very much like a courtesy copy of the publication to forward to the author.

Come back often, as there will be many updates and additions in the coming months! And, as it has done for over twenty years, the database is ever evolving.

If you would like to submit an article or first-person account, recommend a link, or have other suggestions for improving this site, contact me at Interesting photos of Chessies would be welcomed, especially accompanying articles and first-hand experiences.